Great American Solar Eclipse Travel Guide |

The Great American Solar Eclipse Travel Guide

In just under 6 months, August 21, 2017, the world will pause in its tracks. Although Earth will quite literally keep turning, for a few hours, how we see the world will drastically change. This year’s solar eclipse will be spectacular, and the first visible from the continental United States in almost 40 years. It’s […]

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How to Love Your Luggage: 5 Tips for the Perfect Carry-On

We all love traveling, but sometimes the hardest part is packing. And with Valentine’s Day this week, we truly want you to fall in love with your carry-on. So…What do you take? What do you leave? How do you pack so that you get it just right? Carry-on luggage is no different than checked luggage in […]

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Piqua, Kansas, Birthplace of a Legend |

Piqua, Kansas – Birth of a Legend

Piqua, Kansas is a small community off the beaten path. Upon stopping, you’ll soon find the plaque proclaiming Piqua’s extraordinary claim to fame: Buster Keaton was born there. One of Hollywood’s most enduring icons, the legendary comedian Buster Keaton, born in Piqua, Kansas? That’s right.

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Explore Saginaw, Michigan's Great Lakes Bay |

Explore Saginaw – Michigan’s Great Lakes Bay

Michigan’s Great Lakes Bay is a region filled with beauty, culture, and fun for all. Saginaw is the area’s largest city.  And, whether you prefer museums, activities for kids or natural beauty, Saginaw has something to offer.

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Baseball Travel Guide |

2017 Baseball Travel Guide

Baseball. One word evokes images of Americana. The crunch of the crackerjacks. The roar of the crowd. The crack of the bat. The woosh of the ball flying through the air. The pregnant silence as the crowd stares at…could it be… is it… a HOME RUN! And baseball travel offers something for everyone, whether you’re […]

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Laura Ingalls Wilder's Dakota Territory |

Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Dakota Territory

The Little House on the Prairie book series is beloved by millions of children and adults the world over. With winter upon us, amidst our modern conveniences, it’s not always easy to picture how the Ingalls family survived the challenges of the season. However, Laura Ingalls Wilder’s autobiographical anthology paints a picture that shows how […]

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Maximize Your Profits with the TAP Tour Wrap

The TAP Tour Wrap – Maximize Your Profits! [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you’ve never heard of the TAP Tour Wrap, then the time has come! Designed with travel professionals in mind, the TAP Tour Wrap offers a solution to the ultimate question: how can I grow my profits without expanding my operations?

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Virginia City, Montana - Old West Treasure |

Virginia City, Montana – an Old West Treasure

Grab your hat, hoist your pack, and come stake your claim in the Montana Territory! Like ants to honey, folks scrambled from all corners of the country, arriving with a hopeful gleam in their eyes and ambition in their hearts. The Montana goldfields held great promise for the hardworking honest man and the ne’er-do-well alike, and by […]

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Southern Swamps |

Southern Swamps: Natural Treasures

Swamps, especially southern swamps, offer a really different way to immerse yourself in nature. Forget the beach, the mountains, or some wild river. Though beautiful, they’ve got nothing on these spectacular habitats.  Although swamps are often depicted as dark places filled with mystery, in truth they’re an incredible ecosystem inhabited by fascinating creatures. Wouldn’t you love a […]

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2017-2018 Guaranteed Departures Brochure

Guaranteed Departures Brochures!

Guaranteed Departures Brochures are almost here! Featuring new tours, exciting destinations and fantastic adventures. Would you like to explore with us? To order your brochures, click here! Want to browse our online Guaranteed Departures – here’s a list of all departures! Have questions? Contact us today! We can’t wait to travel with you!

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