Does the fresh air and beautiful scenic landscape for as far as the eyes can see, excite you? Tucson’s Sonoran Desert has everything to offer the best horseback riding experience you can imagine.

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White Stallion Ranch is one of the few remaining dude ranches that mixes the Old West with modern creature comforts. Starting in the 1900’s as a squatter’s cattle ranch, it then became a homestead in 1936 and officially a dude ranch in the early 1940’s. Historical Hotels of America and the Dude Ranch Association have recognized White Stallion Ranch as one of top dude ranches in America.

Rated #1 in Tucson for the past 6 consecutive years, White Stallion Ranch, has been thriving for the past 50 years. Whether you are an experienced equestrian or first-time rider, saddle up at White Stallion Ranch and prepare for one of the most memorable, cowboy lifestyle experiences yet. Ride through the unspoiled desert that has been home to filmmakers for over 70 years.

The ranch owns one of the biggest herds of horses in Arizona, with over 165 horses on the property on any given time. There are a wide variety of horseback riding adventures to select from. White Stallion Ranch offers opportunities for beginner riders to advanced. You can enjoy a mountain ride through the Tucson mountains and embrace the panoramic views through rocky trails. If taking it a bit more leisurely and slow is your taste, you can ride various trails throughout the week that will display desert flora and fauna and the ecosystem of the Sonoran desert. Or, you can take it one notch faster and go for the fast ride for an adrenaline pumping trail and recognize what it is to live the life of a true cowboy. If incorporating food into your trail ride excites you, there are options for wine and cheese or beer and Cheetos. White Stallion Ranch has it covered and it’s up to you to decide which adventure you are game for.

In between horseback riding there are additional activities to participate in such as, rock climbing, hiking, rodeos and evening entertainment. White Stallion Ranch leaves no stone unturned and will leave you with a mind, body and soul connection with nature.

Nature brings our senses alive and the chance to live in that very moment connecting with natural beauty. Exploring the outdoors and the unknown has endless positive effects on our psychological well-being.

We can share our new experiences in nature that build confidence and long-lasting memories. This is true living, so get out there and book your Tucson trip with Travel Alliance Partners and let us guide you with the highest standards.

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