As a desert city, Tucson draws visitors to its beautiful Sonora vistas and extraordinary environment. But it pays to look past the grandeur to the smaller aspects of Tucson’s charm. Some very tiny aspects.

Tucson's Treasures - Tiny |

The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures is amazing. The museum provides guests with the magical experience of miniatures in unique creative settings. The themed settings represent different “eras.”

Just a few of the many exhibits include:

The Enchanted Realm Gallery:

  • The Hatching Apprentice – The setting is in a wizard’s library, with the fascinating items a wizard needs. The ‘coiled snake’ top of the side table is actually an ammonite fossil. Behold a “Book of Mythical Creatures,” an apothecary cabinet, a lighted skull, a dog, a cat, and tiny fruit on the table.
  • Dark Side of the Moon: Antiques and Oddities – They packed this antique shop with oddities people like to collect. The items shown on sale derived from insects, bones, skeletons, and taxidermy. Definitely unusual!

The Exploring the World Gallery:

  • Boat Builders Study at Lake Tahoe – This tiny study has a patterned floor, split columns, domed ceiling, and curved wall! The study holds ship-building books, iced tea, model ships, comfortable chairs, and a window view of the lake!
  • The Lord of Mischief Pub – This Tudor building mimics a real Edwardian English village. The pub has a bar with glasses, tables and chairs, food and drinks, a fireplace, wall knick-knacks, and interesting guests.

The History Gallery (18th, 19th and early 20th century):

  • Daneway House, English, 1775 – Typical of 18th century “baby houses,” the Daneway House wasn’t intended as the scaled down version of a real home, but just to show off miniature furniture.
  • Grocery Store Germany, ca. 1800s – All the accoutrements of a grocery store, with a miniature copy of a cook book printed in 1858.

This remarkable ‘testament to tiny’ is at 4455 E. Camp Lowell Drive in Tucson. The hours are 9 AM-4 PM Tuesday–Saturday, 12 PM–4 PMSunday. The museum closes on Mondays and major holidays. Admission is $9 general, $8 senior (65+)/military, $6 ages 4–17 and free for children 3 and under.

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