PPTPs and Suppliers

Are you a "supplier?" Would you like to become a PPTP?

At Travel Alliance Partners, we strongly value our relationships with our suppliers, so much so, that we don't use the word "supplier." Instead, we call you a "PPTP" - a Preferred Professional Travel Provider. TAP Members believe in equality in the travel business. Whether you are a tour operator, hotel, attraction, method of transportation or destination, it takes all of us to create dynamic tour packages to offer to a travel buyer. With this philosophy, we removed the word “supplier” from our vocabulary and have an acronym that truly is uniquely TAP.  Just ask a PPTP how they feel about being one and it’s easy to see why it caught on. We are different!

Host a meeting and bring TAP to your area!

We can't encourage you enough to raise your area's awareness within the TAP family by hosting a meeting - we hold four meeting each year. Visit our RFP page to learn more about current open meetings. PPTPs invest time in their TAP investment to ensure they can maximize the offerings. Receive first chance at hosting a TAP meeting, boost off-season offerings by creatinga dynamic new SpecTAPular Tour or Event or participate in our regional travel shows and TAP Marketplace. Have questions? Just call TAP Headquarters!

Join the "GUILD"

TAP's Preferred Destinations cooperative program is available for PPTPs wanting to take advantage of additional benefits like advertising, monthly teleconferences hosted by tour operators, guaranteed invitation to TAP sanctioned programs, etc. Certain Guild Member levels receive a customized tracking report to watch ROI grow! Travel Metrics® is an industry phenomenon where TAP tour operators are mandated to provide us with their actual annual revenues. Learn about our program here! Ready to sign up? Download the 2017 Guild enrollment form here!

Get a TAP Partners attention at one of our Annual Meetings!  NEW - Ad Placement Opportunity

TAP is unique because our PPTPs (not suppliers, rather Preferred Professional Travel Providers) help create dynamic opportunities.  Put your product in front of the partners at the required tour operator meetings held twice annually.  Because you asked, we developed a series of ad placements that are affordable!  See our current offerings today. We also have the PPTP Directory, Monthly Partner Enews and webinars available to help you stand out. 
Just call TAP at 866-373-0790. 

Additional benefits for PPTPs

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