Experience An Ozark Mt. Christmas in Branson

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2017 Central Express Baseball Road Trip

6 Days // From $1,995 // Next departure: 6/18/2017

This one is a hit straight up the middle (of the country, that is). This Midwestern swing starts off with our champions in Wrigleyville. After pit stops in Milwaukee and Minnesota, we head to Missouri for games in Kansas City and St. Louis. The trip... more

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2017 The Lakes Plus Baseball Road Trip

6 Days // From $1,995 // Next departure: 6/26/2017

This trip starts North of the border in Toronto with a Jays game, and tours of the CN Tower, Rogers Centre and Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame.  We travel Southeast and leave Ontario for Detroit, Cleveland, Cincinnati and finish up in Pittsburgh... more

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2017 Texas Two Step High Baseball Road Trip

6 Days // From $1,995 // Next departure: 6/30/2017

Yee-Haw! Put your boots on for this dance through Texas and into the mountains of Colorado. Visit Houston's Minute Maid Park for a pair vs the Yankees before heading north to Arlington, home of Rangers Ballpark. After experiencing Texas at its f... more

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Total Solar Eclipse with Mt. Rushmore & Yellowstone

8 Days // From $2,280 // Next departure: 8/18/2017

In August of 2017 a total eclipse of the Sun will be visible from within a narrow corridor across the Western United States.  Experience this rare event during a scenic 8 day journey through the Black Hills and Yellowstone National Park. ... more

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Mackinac Island & The Great State of Michigan

7 Days // From $2,028 // Next departure: 8/22/2017

The world's longest freshwater coastline, lakes that feel like oceans, miles and miles of cherry orchards, some of the highest freshwater sand dunes in the world, and more than 100 lighthouses. Mackinac Island is a truly "all natural" ... more

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A Great Gatsby Getaway - A SpecTAPular Event!

6 Days // From $1,349 // Next departure: 9/30/2017

Enjoy gangster tales along with the modern life in the beautiful Traverse City. Stay at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island and enjoy those famous summer evenings of 1922, of which so much has been written in Fitzgerald's novel, The Great Ga... more

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Ranches, Mansions, Millionaires and Cowboys

8 Days // From $1,424 // Next departure: 10/22/2017

Established with a Land Run and designated a state in 1907, Oklahoma is just over a hundred years young. A land of diversity from its fascinating, unparalleled history and unexpected breathtaking scenery to its Americana charm and hospitable people,... more

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Music Cities

12 Days // From $3,430 // Next departure: 10/27/2017

Enjoy a finger-snapping, toe-tapping time in this Music Cities Combo Tour of Branson, Memphis and Nashville where you'll revel in the sounds of blues, country and good old rock and roll! Highlights include Country Music Hall of Fame, Dollyw... more

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Branson, Bentonville, and Beyond

8 Days // From $1,722 // Next departure: 11/2/2017

Come enjoy all Branson and northwest Arkansas has to offer!   Plan on being thoroughly entertained by some of the best shows in Branson … We will even dine aboard a yacht with some of the stars! Explore the Branson Landing – w... more

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Experience An Ozark Mt. Christmas in Branson

6 Days // From $1,706 // Next departure: 11/28/2017

Welcome to the "Entertainment Capital of the World"! In the heart of the beautiful Ozark Mountains, Branson boasts nearly 50 state-of-the-art live entertainment venues, where you can enjoy everything from country music, to rock 'n'... more

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Cowboys, Indians, Oil Barons, and The Mother Road Route 66

8 Days // From $2,449 // Next departure: 10/8/2018

A TAP Guaranteed Departure:  Experience Oklahoma on our Western Adventure on this 8 Days / 7 Nights tour.  An epic getaway filled with diverse experiences, historic sites, and vibrant American Indian and Cowboy Cultures... more

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