Let’s run away to Atlantic City, let’s feel the wind in our hair! Sharing a grand and romantic city, sea and salty air! – Ragtime, The Musical

Atlantic City may no longer seem like the early 1900s escape as portrayed in the musical Ragtime, but neither is it simply a city whose time has passed. Between gorgeous oceanfront views along the boardwalk and a slice of Americana, visiting Atlantic City is truly memorable.

After gambling, Atlantic City is probably best known for the famous Miss America pageant. As you hum along with the classic crowning song, “Here she is…”, it is worth noting that Sheraton Convention Center is home to the unofficial Miss America museum. Their display commemorates pageants going back to 1921 with a dazzling collection dresses, tiaras, and a Bert Parks statue. Visitors can experience the rose walk and feel the magic and thrill of being a beauty queen.

If you prefer cash to flash, “Do not pass go, do not collect $200”, because you’ll be happy to know that Atlantic City is also the city that inspired the classic board game, Monopoly. Every street name on the board exists in Atlantic City and the surrounding areas. Besides taking a walk on the Boardwalk, you can also discover the beautiful homes in the Marven Gardens Historic District, as well as Kentucky Avenue and Curb, former home where jazz legends such as Cab Calloway, Billie Holliday, and Duke Ellington once performed.

The HBO smash hit Boardwalk Empire, set in the roaring 20s, rejuvenated interest in the area.  Tours of places the television show pay homage to are quite popular. Travel back to the time of prohibition and channel your inner bootlegger at restaurants like Knife & Fork Inn or  Dock’s Oyster House.

Come explore history! Visit Atlantic City today.