Wyoming is famous for many things, (frequently cowboy-related). But there is also something that this state has plenty of: wide-open spaces. Luckily, a lot of these wide-open spaces are also full of beautiful scenery and great places to get out and enjoy nature, no matter the time of year. A 30-minute drive west of Cheyenne will take you to one such spot, namely Vedauwoo Recreational Area.

Vedauwoo Recreational Area | TAPIntoTravel.com

Adventure Awaits in Vedauwoo

Vedauwoo, (pronounced Vee-duh-voo), is popular with locals and visitors alike for its amazing rock formations made up of 1.4 billion-year-old granite. The wide variety of rock structures make it a perfect destination for rock-climbing enthusiasts. They offer many different kinds of climbing in just one area.

Hiking, biking and horseback riding through this beautiful area are also popular. And the many multiple-use trails are great opportunities to go snowshoeing in the winter. If camping is your thing, Vedauwoo has a 28-site developed campground. It’s complete with potable water, trash sites and, yes, toilets. There are also several picnic areas, if you’d rather just spend the day.

More Than Ancient Scenery

Of course, rocks aren’t the only thing to appreciate here. The area is often replete with wildflowers, usually reaching peak bloom in June or July. However, some blooming can occur as early as April.

Birders can also find much to appreciate here. Because many different kinds of songbirds, as well as hawks and eagles, inhabit the area. Lots of other species call Vedauwoo home, too. From elk, moose and mountain lions to  chipmunks, beavers and marmots. In other words, there’s something for every kind of nature-lover!

When to Go to Vedauwoo

Vedauwoo is typically open from around May to November, allowing visitors to see its sights throughout the seasons. You can gain off-season entry by parking at the gates and walking in, weather permitting. There is also no entry fee into the park.

In other words, if you’re looking to leave the city behind for a little while and get out into those wide-open spaces, Vedauwoo is within easy reach and well worth the visit.

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