Before Michigan became a state and villages and cities were built about 200 years ago, the Wolverine State was covered in deep woodland forest. Trees that scrape the heavens reach higher than 50 feet tall. And if you wander in the woods without a flashlight at night you may see all of about 2 inches in front of your face.

Michigan's Deep Woodlands |

The wooded land was once home to wildlife like wolverines – a now rare species. There are still vast forested lands that harbor hardwood trees, maple, sycamore, and pine trees. There’s an entire ecosystem within a blanket of greenery. Get out of the city and find time to visit the incredible forests of Michigan. They are still glorious for visitors.

Five Forest Experiences in Beautiful and Pure – Michigan

Silver Creek State Forest Campground

Luther, Michigan: With high visitor ratings, this campground is surrounded by woods. Right on the banks of the beautiful Pine River, this rustic spot is perfect for kayaking, tubing, hiking, and fishing. Not too far from Lake Michigan on the upper left quadrant of the mitten.

Traverse City State Forest

Traverse City, Michigan: Located up north in the Cherry Capital of the United States, Traverse City State Forest is ideal for hiking and enjoying the beauty of nature. When you first drive into town you will be delighted with the views of the sparkling bay. Add wonderful woodlands and you are all set for your outdoor adventure.

Baxter Bridge State Forest Campground

Manton, Michigan: This woodland campground has earned 5 out of 5 stars for being a great place to visit in Michigan. Located just north of Cadillac, this forested area is right in the heart of Michigan’s northern woods. Not too shabby for a great place to walk in nature and spend time pondering life’s wonders and possibilities.

Maple Bay State Forest and Campground

Brutus, Michigan: Heavily wooded, rustic, and private campgrounds make this pick a wonderful spot. With boat access and sandy beaches, this place is romantic, and perfect for that nature-filled and forested getaway spot. Don’t forget to pack extra batteries for those all important things called: flashlights.

Pigeon River State Forest

Vanderbilt, Michigan: This nature area is off the beaten path, especially in relation to Michigan cities like Grand Rapids, Lansing, and Ann Arbor. You won’t be disappointed. The U.P. is wild and exciting. A whole new experience of the wild and wooded lands of Michigan awaits up here. The scenery in this forest is hard to beat.

The history of Michigan’s woodlands is fascinating to those who love the serenity of the deep woods. The beauty is breathtaking. Visit for an astonishing look into the world our furry animal friends call home. Even the decay of the dead trees on the forest floor keeps the ecosystem chugging along. The woods are alive. The woods beckon you to explore. Even if you will not hug a tree to commune with nature, it’s time to get back to the wilderness of Deep Woods Michigan.

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