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Power of Partnership - How do you fit into the T.A.P. Network?

Industry professionals often need to figure out how their company can fit into the T.A.P. Network.  T.A.P. has many programs for travel industry professionals, which we've outlined in our Power of Partnership Brochure, as well as below. Please review our brochure to learn more about T.A.P. and how you might fit into our company as a PPTP ("supplier" in other circles), Tour Operator, or Professional Travel Buyer. Click here to view our TAP Power of Partnership Brochure For more information on how to participate, contact T.A.P. Headquarters 866-373-0790.

Programs for Travel Professionals

TAP Tour Wrap Preferred Buyer Program

T.A.P.'s new TAP Tour Wrap wrap offers travel professionals the opportunity to connect their sites with hundreds of guaranteed departures without the risk of tour cancelations. All Preferred Buyers who purchase and implement the TAP Tour Wrap receive 12% commission. If you wish to become a Preferred Buyer of Guaranteed Departures by TAP, you can download the enrollment form and send in or contact us. Showcase hundreds of T.A.P.'s Guaranteed Departures (tours guaranteed to go from the first booking!) on your web site via a link with no fear of you losing your client! Your clients stay YOUR clients! There are many great opportunities for travel professionals to grow their business through the Travel Alliance Partners. $29 for a custom link with your clients' availability requests via email direct to you!

Once you return your enrollment form, we create the custom code and your web team can then embed it directly onto your web site and you can begin to offer TAP Tours to your clients. Our TAP Tour Wrap Welcome Kit was developed to help you with ideas on marketing your new Tour Wrap to your clients because we have learned, just letting it sit on a home page does not help you build business.

For those that have already elected to take advantage of this exceptional program, we have a variety of Tour Wrap Buttons for you to select from.  These buttons can be added to your website to announce your promotion of Guaranteed Departures, for information on how to connect your Tour Wrap to your selected button, ask your Website Administrator.  

Once you have selected your TAP Tour Wrap button, email us with the number of the button you have selected to: marketing@travelalliancepartners.com.  We will send your button right away.

TAP Into T.A.P Tuesdays at Two - Free Webinars

Exclusive TAP Into T.A.P - Tuesdays at Two (EST) weekly travel webinars free to travel professionals featuring unique tour products, T.A.P. Members, destinations and an assortment of topics lasting no more than 30 minutes. If you miss a week, just access the link via our TAP Instant Replay and listen to the recording later.

View our webinars for more information and a schedule!

TAP Into Travel with Guaranteed Departures by TAP 

T.A.P.'s Guaranteed Departures program, supported by www.tapintotravel.com and a call center, redefines escorted motorcoach tours by offering a collection of one-of-a-kind experiential travel programs that were each created by a regional travel expert. T.A.P. travelers can choose from more than 500 worldwide destinations and be assured of both a professionally packaged travel getaway as well as a once-in-a-lifetime guided motorcoach tour for a vacation that brings together the best of the destination with authentic local insight. We invite you to explore our website to find the destination and touring options that are right for your clients. Learn more about T.A.P. through our TAP 101 sessions held by staff to assist you. We offer:

SpecTAPular Tours & Events

This program kicked off in 2012 and is in partnership with our PPTPs & Guild Members to showcase a tour or special event that T.A.P. creates and markets collectively. Imagine the power of dozens of tour companies offering a unique and exclusive product and bringing in between 40—2,000 guests into a community at a time when the business is needed. See our 2018 program by linking through!

Buyers Education Tour - B.E.T. on TAP

The Buyers Educational Tour started in 2010 by T.A.P. Members to expand their tour outreach. Held annually, the B.E.T. recognizes T.A.P. Members’ top Travel Buyers and encourages new tour opportunities. T.A.P. tour operators invite their clients to experience a destination and mingle with other professionals who have a product to sell. The invitation component is coordinated by T.A.P. Headquarters to protect our inviting T.A.P. Members as all sales are driven back to the inviting Member only. The key to this program is allowing the B.E.T. on TAP delegates to experience T.A.P. and meet with our Members and PPTPs (T.A.P. suppliers) who can promote their products in a setting built on mutual trust.

For more information on how to participate, contact T.A.P. Headquarters 866-373-0790.

Programs for PPTPs

Preferred Destinations Guild

The “Guild,” our Preferred Destinations cooperative program is available for PPTPs wanting to take advantage of additional benefits like advertising, monthly teleconferences hosted by tour operators, guaranteed invitation to T.A.P. sanctioned programs, etc. Certain Guild Member levels receive a customized tracking report to watch ROI grow! Travel Metrics® is an industry phenomenon where T.A.P. tour operators are mandated to provide us with their actual annual revenues. For more information or to join the Guild, click here.

Travel MetricsTM

Travel Metrics® is a tour follow-up system of measuring the success of travel to a specific destination. We measure how T.A.P. tours perform and we promise to make this T.A.P. exclusive information available only to qualified PPTP participants. T.A.P. is the only company in the industry that requires (yes, REQUIRES) every member to submit tracking numbers. This is why we can guarantee the results for destinations.  

Programs for Everyone

T.A.P. Gives Back

Since 2006, TAP Gives Back has been our charitable arm which raises funds year round to be distributed in the community that hosts our Annual General Meeting each December. TAP Gives Back is simply about improving the lives of children and making them happy.


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