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Are you a tour operator interested in joining T.A.P.?

As a company, T.A.P. seeks like-minded tour operators throughout North America who enhance the corporation through product, location and services. T.A.P. distinguishes itself from associations and organizations by collaborating with reputable and strategic-thinking travel professionals while focusing on their return on investment. By purchasing products, their fellow T.A.P. Members, our Members can spend more time generating new customers and less time on product development. New prospective Members can apply in a two-step print application process. Your first contact should be to a current T.A.P. Member to ensure you understand the Standards of Participation set out for success.

Once you have had a conversation with one or more T.A.P. Members, then we encourage you to contact T.A.P. Headquarters directly to request an application to the Corporation!  Check out our list of current members and call one today. And check out the preliminary application and learn about the steps it takes to be considered as a member of Travel Alliance Partners®. The two step application process allows tour operators and T.A.P. members time to ensure that it's a proper fit to move T.A.P. into the future.

Do you want to increase your tour offerings, without increasing your operational costs?

Consider joining our Preferred Buyer program and purchasing a TAP Tour Wrap! For a low one-time programming cost, you can place a window to our tours on your website. The custom code automatically updates with all of the Guaranteed Departures on, allowing you to get the leads when your clients request more information or tour availability, and gives you a 12% commission. Click here for more details or contact T.A.P. Headquarters with questions.

Learn how to get involved as a Travel Professional!
Learn how to get involved as a PPTP ("supplier" in other circles)!
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