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Are you a professional travel buyer? If you purchase travel for clients, you may be interested in our Preferred Buyer program!
Our elite T.A.P. Preferred Travel Buyers are sellers of travel located throughout North America who tap Into T.A.P. Tours to offer the best in global travel products to their clients. Tour operators, travel agents and group leaders are behind our concept of increasing profits through working with T.A.P. Showcase hundreds of T.A.P.'s Guaranteed Departures (tours guaranteed to go from the first booking!) on your web site via a link with no fear of you losing your client! Your clients stay YOUR clients! There are many great opportunities for travel professionals to grow business through the Travel Alliance Partners®.

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TAP Into T.A.P - Tuesdays at Two (EST) weekly webinars

These online classes feature unique tour products, T.A.P. Operators, destinations and an assortment of topics lasting no more than 30 minutes. If you miss a week, just access the link via our T.A.P. Instant Replay and listen to the recording later.

BET on TAP - for qualified travel professionals specializing in groups

The Buyers Education Tour started in 2010 by T.A.P. Members to expand their tour outreach. Held annually in June, the B.E.T. recognizes T.A.P. Members’ top Travel Buyers and encourages new tour opportunities. T.A.P. tour operators invite their clients to experience a destination and mingle with other professionals who have product to sell. The invitation component is coordinated by T.A.P. Headquarters to protect our inviting T.A.P. Members as all sales are driven back to the inviting Member only. The key to this program is allowing the B.E.T. on TAP delegates to experience T.A.P. and meet with our Members and PPTPs (T.A.P. suppliers) who can promote their products in a setting built on mutual trust. Travel Professionals should call T.A.P. Headquarters 866-373-0790 for more information on this June program. 

TAP Into Travel featuring Guaranteed Departures

Offer your clients hundreds of Guaranteed, Scheduled, and Custom tours. Created by regional experts, our itineraries are unique, and offer smaller sellers of travel the ability to increase their offerings without increasing operations. Tours available on our newly remodeled web site (see and special features  showcased in our annual brochure, TAP Into Guaranteed Departures!

Additional T.A.P. Benefits to you as a Travel Professional:

Learn how to get involved as a Tour Operator!
Learn how to get involved as a PPTP ("supplier" in other circles)!
See a full list of T.A.P. Programs.
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