People have always yearned to travel, whether it was for a chance to experience the excitement of a big city like New York or the back roads of America's heartland. Some even dreamed of traveling to distant lands around the world.

Welcome to TAP Into Travel by Travel Alliance Partners LLC. T.A.P. offers Guaranteed Departures. When you make a reservation on any of the hundreds of departures marked as Guaranteed on this site, you can be assured that the trip will operate - It is Guaranteed To Go!

You can also be assured of the quality of these packages. Travel Alliance Partners®, better known as T.A.P., is owned by qualified, reputable North American Tour operators. We work together to develop and promote tour packages with the highest quality, the best value and the biggest variety. You will not find on any other travel site, such a large collection of unique travel opportunities from such a wide variety of operators.... And, they are Guaranteed to Go!

Our current collection of Guaranteed Departures can take you to your favorite destination in the United States, Canada and many exciting places around the world. In addition to the wide variety of options you have to choose from on this site, call our Reservations Center (866-373-0790) for more information.

Since T.A.P. first presented the Guaranteed Departures concept several years ago, there are others in the travel industry who have tried to copy the idea. There is, however, nothing like the original. Whether you are an Individual looking to join a tour, a Travel Professional searching for a unique travel experience for your clients or a Group Leader wanting to avoid having to cancel another tour, we invite you to take a look at our Guaranteed Departures.

My fellow TAP Members and I look forward to traveling with you.

Nicholas Calderazzo, CTP

Travel Alliance Partners, LLC


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