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Escorted Motorcoach Tours with Experiential Travel in More Than 500 Destinations Worldwide Travel Alliance Partners® (T.A.P.) redefines escorted motorcoach tours by offering a collection of one-of-a-kind experiential travel programs that were each created by a regional travel expert. T.A.P. travelers can choose from more than 500 worldwide destinations and be assured of both a professionally packaged travel getaway as well as a once-in-a-lifetime guided motorcoach tour for a vacation that brings together the best of the destination with authentic local insight. We invite you to continue exploring our website to find the destination and touring option that is right for you. We offer Guaranteed Departures: These tours have no passenger minimums and will never cancel once a deposit is secured.

TAP Into 2018 Dream Destinations

The tours in this magazine represent our Preferred Destination partner regions that have won high acclaim for their beauty and variety of activities. The T.A.P. commitment is to provide you with quality and value-added tour experiences by combining our expertise with the regional knowledge and assistance of our Preferred Destination Partners. The destination partners represented in this catalog are also committed to Travel Alliance Partners®. They work with us as a team to provide you with the best tour experience in North America!

T.A.P. - Power of Partnership

On behalf of the Travel Alliance Partners® (T.A.P.), we are delighted to provide insight into our company. Since 2001, T.A.P. has emerged as one of the dominant leaders in the travel industry. As a corporation owned and managed by tour operators, we take a great deal of pride in establishing the right partnerships with tour operators, Preferred Professional Travel Providers and Travel Buyers. As a Partner, tour operators gain access to the T.A.P. Network of trusted professionals who are committed to follow an approved Standard of Participation. As a Preferred Professional Travel Provider (PPTP or “supplier” in other circles), our elite circle of quality PPTPs have insight into T.A.P.'s “outside of the box” thinking by connecting with business owners who focus on the return on investment (ROI). As a Travel Buyer, you will gain access into hundreds of tours available worldwide to take the headaches out of planning. All of these partnering methods offer the opportunity to increase your bottom line. In today’s busy world, we can all use more revenue through partnership! We invite you to browse this benefit packet, determine where you could fit into the T.A.P. structure and contact either our office or any T.A.P. Partner for more information. Our strength is in our numbers and we would be delighted to talk with you further about the opportunity of the Power of T.A.P.

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